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What Problems Will You Encounter when Designing Casting Moulds? How to Solve It?


Problems and solutions in casting mold design

1、 Casting shrinkage

The reason for casting shrinkage is that the alloy used in the casting mold will absorb a large amount of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases in the air when dissolved, and will contract and release these gases when the alloy solidifies, resulting in casting shrinkage.

Solution: 1. Place the gold ball;
2. Increase the diameter of the coarse runner or reduce the length of the short runner;
3. Increase the amount of mold metal;
4. Prevent the occurrence of depression in the direction of the structure facing the runner.

2、 The casting surface is rough and not smooth

If the surface of the mold cavity is rough, the molten metal will react with the surface of the mold cavity during the casting process, and the particles of the embedded material will be relatively thick, and after mixing, it will be relatively rough and not fine; After curing, the embedded material is directly put into the micro-arc furnace for roasting, resulting in excessive moisture; The baking temperature rises too fast, resulting in differential expansion at different positions in the mold cavity, which causes the internal peeling of the mold cavity.

Solution: 1. When melting metal, there should be a certain limit. Do not over melt;
2. The baking temperature of the mold should not be too high or too low, and it should be moderate;
3. To avoid burning of wax mold, apply a layer of liquid on the wax mold to prevent burning.
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