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Our Service

——Requst quotation with Sample,Product drawing or Concept.

Mould Quotation
——Cost breakdown & Standard Will be Offered.


Overall Design Review
——3D Appearance Drawings & Structure assemble Drawings.
——Product structure analysis, whether the mold manufacturing conditions are met,then Optimize.
——Product Moldflow Analysis.
——Mould Structure Analysis Review Meeting.
——3D Mould Split-Mould Components with Specified Drawing.

Both Side Confirmation

Mould Manufacturing
——Mold Core Manufacturing Grander Machining Miller Machining Drill Machining CNC Machining
——Purchasing Customized Mold Base WEDM Machining EDM Machining Polishinf Machining

CMM Measurement
——CMM Measurement Mold Base & Mold Core

Mould Assembly
——During Mold Manufacturing, The Progress Will Be Synchronized Every Week.

Fitting Machine

Test Mould
——Mold Test Video or Facetime
——Mold Forming Report
——Product Usually Meets Full Specification Ater/Upon 3rd Mold Trail

Mould Correction
——Modification Report
——Revised Schedules
——Sample Accomplished

Customer Confirmation
——Customer Issues Sample Approval Report

——Package Molds, Products, Mold Accessories and 3D drawings ,Deliver To Customer Specified Place.
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